We certainly hope this finds you well and keeping cool from the record breaking summer heat. Our apologizes for the severe lack of communication from the Secretariat this summer. In light of our office undergoing unplanned construction and the UNI server being down due to a full UNI account merge to Google Accounts, we've been unable to communicate and even access most incoming
emails to our account.

Conference1.jpgFurthermore, as our website is strictly facilitated through the UNI Department of History, we'll continue to be unable to update our website until as late as the beginning of September. Until that time, we'll continue using our Wikispace account page as we can edit it remotely. In case you have never utilized our Wikispace, you can find it at http://ihsmunsecretariat.wikispaces.com/. On the homepage you will find the 2012 Country List and in the left hand sidebar you can find the full docket for ICJ as well as the 2011-2012 Important Dates.

As you may have expected, due to our technological/construction complications we have extended the deadline for FIRST ROUND COUNTRY REGISTRATION UNTIL AUGUST 8TH. In addition to this, if you sent your original requests to us via FAX, PHONE OR SNAIL MAIL we have not received it due to the construction displacing the mailboxes and disconnecting our office lines. PLEASE RESEND ANY REQUESTS SENT IN THAT FORMAT.

Lastly, please send all email communication to ihsmunsecretariat@gmail.com until further notice. Again, due to UNI's current Google Account merger, all UNI emails phase in and out of functionality, and our direct Gmail has proven to be the only consistent mechanism for communication.

We are, of course, very sorry to have to inconvenienced yourselves and the students, unfortunately, University decisions are completely out of our control.

Best wishes:
Rhonda Greenway and Laura Castro